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Discussing The Business of Deception on Fox News

Thank God my (super-liberal) grandmother wasn't alive to see this...but last month I went on Fox News to discuss Trade Secret Law and The Business of Deception. Meeting John Stossel was a total honor and the whole segment went great. You can watch it HERE.

WIZARD WARS - All New Episodes start Jan 29th at 10PM on SyFy

Happy to announce that six all-new episodes of Wizard Wars will air on Syfy, beginning Thursday January 29th at 10:00 pm. Prepare to see amazing magic with tiki torches, mice, hula hoops and fishing waders. Wizards will fly, challengers will teleport, minds will be blown.

WIZARD WARS on SYFY, Starring Penn & Teller

It's official: Wizard Wars, the SIX-PART SERIES (!!!), airs on Syfy starting on August 19th at 10pm. What began as a fun project in my living room has evolved into a full-blown reality competition show starring Penn & Teller as judges. They're joined by SO many other incredible magicians...too many to list in one blog post.

Here's the short of it:

-I guarantee a show filled with nonstop surprises and mind-blowing illusions. You'll walk away from each episode amazed by our performers' top-notch showmanship and seemingly unlimited creative prowess.

-The format hasn't changed: Teams of magicians must create and perform original magic routines with the random objects they're given. They're judged on Creativity, Showmanship, and Deception.

-Both Syfy and A. Smith & Co. (the powerhouse production company responsible for American Ninja Warrior) were an absolute pleasure to work with. Justin Flom and I feel so fortunate to have fallen into the capable hands of Executive Producers Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Frank Sinton and Tim Eagan. Weed also directed the series--a HUGE stroke of luck for us, as the guy understands magic better than most professional magicians. And I truly believe Syfy's incredible team of unscripted storytellers--Robyn Lattaker-Johnson, Andrew Whitney--will do for magic what they've done for special effects makeup via Face Off.
They'll not only get the laymen/Muggles tuning in; they'll get 'em CARING about the magic creation process.


Rick's New TV show, Wizard Wars, Airs on Syfy on March 4th

 Wizard Wars airs March 4 2014 on SyFy

Craziest thing: I created a TV show…and it’s going to air on Syfy on March 4th. It’s called WIZARD WARS.

An original, hour-long special exploring how professional magicians transform ordinary objects into jaw-dropping miracles. Two teams of up-and-coming magicians are given four random items (e.g., bubble wrap, fish tank, postcard, 2-liter soda bottle). As soon as they create an original routine featuring each of the objects…they must perform it before a live studio audience and panel of expert judges led by legendary magic duo Penn & Teller.

The winning team of up-and-comers moves on to the Wizard War, in which they go head-to-head against two of our Wizards, an elite group of conjurors that includes two-time World Championship of Magic winner Gregory Wilson, Wynn Resort resident magician Shimshi, YouTube sensation Justin Flom, and Internationally-famous mentalist Angela Funovits. If the up-and-comers defeat the Wizards, they walk away with $10,000.00, and more importantly, the everlasting respect of their peers.

Here’s a the video and the Wired.com story that started it all:

And here’s a video of my friend Justin and me pitching the TV show to various networks:

Be sure to tune in to Syfy on March 4th!